Frontier Bundles

TV + Internet + Phone

Technology is supposed to make life easier. Frontier Communications understands that you need affordable services, convenient plans and user-friendly features.


Everyone needs reliable internet access; Frontier Fast High Speed Internet delivers with always-on service. Get online anytime and every time you need to, without delay.

At up to 8 Mbps, Frontier High-Speed Internet is Blazing-fast!

Frontier High-Speed Internet encompasses speed, security, reliability and ease of installation with Frontier's celebrated professional customer service. With Frontier High-Speed Internet, there is no waiting endlessly for web pages to load. Downloading files and e-mail attachments will be a breeze with Frontier's lightning flash speeds!

Anti-spyware software from CA, Inc. is included with Frontier High-Speed Internet at no additional charge. This allows you peace of mind from computer hackers, Trojans and Worms as well as Spyware, PC Viruses, Pop-Ups and E-mail Spam.


When you need to talk to friends, family or business associates, the last thing you want to worry about is minutes, restrictions or overage fees. Frontier's home phone service offers unlimited local and long distance calling.

Have the ease of ordering all your phone service needs from Frontier Communications. Reliable telephone service is available for every lifestyle and every budget. Frontier home phone services include Unlimited Local Calling and your choice of the following features: Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Caller ID and Call Waiting ID.


Your personal time is at a premium. Whether you're getting in a little me-time or kicking back with the family, Frontier and DISH team up to bring you a great selection of satellite TV entertainment.

Why does Frontier partner with Dish to provide TV service?

First of all, it's extremely cost effective! In today's budget-conscious economy, finding ways to entertain the entire family while keeping costs to a minimum is especially important. Working with Frontier Communications and their partner DISH TV, you can get the highest quality (and lowest cost) satellite TV entertainment. More dependable than cable and just as affordable (often even more so these days), satellite TV offers a great variety of entertainment for the entire family.

Another feature of satellite TV that makes it a great entertainment investment is its amazing picture quality. DISH satellite TV offers a selection of latest release movies; combine the satellite TV programming with a large screen TV (anything over 30") and you'll feel like you're in an exclusive theater. Football or baseball games on satellite TV give you a clearer view than front row seats in the stadium. And your monthly bill will be a lot less expensive than season tickets. No worries about parking either, since you'll enjoy entertainment from the comfort of home.

Cost savings, convenience and quality programming - just a few of the things that make satellite TV such a terrific form of entertainment!

Make your personal frontiers a little more relaxing, a little more lucrative and a lot more enjoyable when you take advantage of time-saving, cost-saving services from Frontier Communications.

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